How to move to Canada with no money 

Can you move to Canada without money? Yes! However, this question is subjective as they’re lots of conditions you’ve to fulfill. 

Canada is one of the best destinations for people seeking greener pastures. The country is highly rich in job opportunities and diverse opportunities to explore.

Although many of the opportunities require a certain amount of capital before you can proceed to apply. However, that’s not all for people who do not have the money to visit the country. 

They’re a few pathways you can follow to Canada without necessarily having any capital in your possession. On this page, we’ll highlight and explain those pathways tentatively. Just go through everything and happy reading! 


How to move to Canada with no money 

First of all, you’ve to understand that this content isn’t about how to move to Canada without any money at all. You’ll need money for a passport,  money for air tickets, and so many more. What you’ve no worries about is proof of funds which can be big. In a nutshell, we’re discussing how to move to Canada with little money. 

Generally speaking, the Canadian government through the immigration ministry always requires proof of funds for anyone traveling to Canada. The proof of funds is necessary to show you have money to take care of yourself while you’re in the country. 

Some other pathways require proof of funds to help determine your eligibility to apply for the immigration visa. Each of these pathways has different funds requirements, hence the fees are different almost all the time. 

Now to move to Canada without being required to show proof of funds, you’re expected to be under any of the following;


Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the easy ways to get immigration visas to Canada without proof of funds. The program is for individuals who have at least one year of work experience in Canada and for the past three years. This means that such a person must’ve been living in Canada at the moment he/she is applying and must be on a temporary visa. 


Canadian work permit and valid job offer 

Do you want to migrate to Canada and you do not have the capital to show as your proof of funds? That’s not much of a problem. You can apply for a Canadian job, if you’re selected, you’ll be allowed entry into the country. 

The work permit will be from a Canadian employer and should be in line with Canadian job policies. The interesting thing about job offers is you do not need to provide proof of funds. 

How do you feel when you apply through the Canadian express entry programs like federal skilled workers without paying? It’ll be cool! One of the challenges you may face is finding a landing job in Canada. It can be difficult at times due to the string of rules attached, however it is possible. 


Spouse sponsorship

Spousal sponsorship remains one of the best and easiest ways to have immigration status in Canada. The beauty of this pathway is that you do not need proof of funds. In fact, you won’t be required to face application hurdles and other thorough processes. 

The most required thing is having a spouse who’s a citizen, or permanent resident of Canada. The authority will request for a marriage certificate to certify that you’re legally married. Other processes are gradual and simple as long as the proof of marital status is verified.  


International experience/Work holidays 

Citizens of a selected country are at liberty to migrate to Canada under the Canadian international experience or work holidays. The application is age restricted. It is open to people who are below the age of 35, and from 18 upwards. Although, some countries have age restrictions of 29 or 30 years. 

Individuals who are privileged to move to Canada through this pathway can use work experience to apply for Canadian permanent residency in subsequent times. 

Countries eligible under this pathway include;  Australia, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Australia and many of the EU countries. 



Although as a student, you’ve to show proof of funds before you’ll be allowed to any institution in Canada. However, for scholarship students, the path is clear and easy. You’re not required to have any money in your possession as long as it’s not against your scholarship terms.

It becomes easier if you’re on a fully funded scholarship. Do you want to move to Canada? They’re lots of Canadian scholarships for you to apply for and move into the country. Want to apply? Check them here



Do you’ve experience working as a caregiver? Have you ever worked as one before? Here’s an opportunity to travel to Canada without having proof of funds. 

Working as a caregiver in Canada requires you to have at least six months of experience. If you’re able to have a landing job in Canada, you’ll be able to process your traveling visa and move to the country. 

Do you want to know more about Canadian caregiver policies? Read more here


Trade Agreements

The Canadian job policies allow citizens of certain countries to live and work in Canada. Such countries have trade agreements with Canada and therefore their citizens can move in freely. 

Here’s the explanation; Supposing you’re working with a company that has a contract with a Canadian company, or such companies have offices in Canada. This intra-work transfer between the countries is easy. 

If you meet Canadian work experience, or you’ve the requirements, you can apply for permanent residency and even citizenship. The eligible counties are; Chile, Mexico, the US, South Korea, Norway, EU countries, etc. 


How much do you need to move to Canada?

Big disappointment if you’re not eligible to apply through any of the above pathways! It isn’t also bad, you may be able to afford some funds in some pathways. 

Apart from pathways like Canadian start-ups, or business visas, the proof of funds is generally the same as other pathways. 

The payment is around  $13,213 for a single family member and $24,553. For family members as much as seven people, the fee is $34,967. 

Note; You’ve to provide proof of funds for your dependent family members, even if they’re not traveling with you. 


In summary 

Moving to Canada requires you to have a certain amount of money in your procession. Although most of the pathways are available on the condition that you’ll show proof of funds. The above pathways are exceptions. You can migrate to Canada as long as you have the requirements and through any of the pathways mentioned above. Good luck!