Truck Driver Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship


Truck driver jobs in USA with Visa sponsorship involves a growing number of organizations open to hiring foreign truck drivers as there is a shortage of truck drivers in the US.

Reportedly, it is estimated that by 2019, the American Trucking Association will have a little fewer than 60,000 truckers and over the next ten years, this figures will increase as the trucking industry will hire approximately one million new drivers to fill in demand and other factors.

This will ensure a substantial percentage of demand will be filled through that.

America, undoubtedly may not be able to handle the supply of truckers over the next decade. To cover for this, many trucking companies offer jobs in the US.


In contrast to other countries, applying for truck driver jobs. in the US will provide a lot of benefits. Many of these benefits include access to health insurance and more. Keep reading to learn more of these.


Benefits Of Truck Driver Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

A truck driver in the US can enjoy a competitive salary in addition to other benefits. Here are some of the benefits below:

  •  Paid vacation and sick day leave
  •  Paid time off
  •  Health insurance coverage
  •  Retirement savings plan
  •  Dental and eye vision coverage
  •  Flexible working conditions
  •  Employee assistance program
  •  Health savings account
  •  Wellness program

These and more benefits can be enjoyed when you apply for truck driver jobs in the US.


Average Salary Of Truck Drivers In The USA

The average salary or earnings of truck drivers in the US is varied for different reasons. Some of these reasons include; location, experience, size of company and reputation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that the average annual salary of truck drivers is approximately $70,307. It is really advised that one does research before applying for truck driver jobs in the US. Hopefully, this will ensure you find the best and most attractive salaries from companies.


The best areas where you can apply for truck driver jobs and earn a living in the United States includes Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Indiana and more.


Responsibilities Of Truck Drivers In The USA

There are certain duties, which truck drivers in the USA are to handle. Here, we will discuss some of these responsibilities.

1. Send off items to expected clients in accordance with the set schedule

2. Execute regular safety inspections of vehicles in order to ensure full compliance with all US government policies

3. Obtain the required signatures, stamps and more to ensure the accurate settlement of invoices

4. Follow all company rules

5. Loading and unloading of shipment into trucks for delivery

6. Deliver expected items to the right location and on time

7. Conduct regular maintenance of trucks


Requirements To Apply For Truck Driver Jobs In USA With Sponsorship Of Visa

Truly, there are certain skills you need before you can apply for truck driver jobs. Some of the requirements are;

  •  Hold a valid driver’s license
  •  Have a good driving record
  •  Experience in truck driving preferably, class A or BCDL
  •  The applicant must have received some sort of formal education in arithmetic
  •  Perfectly able to lift up 60 pounds in any weather condition
  •  Maintenance of highway and safety practices in traffic
  •  Must be skilled in the operation of hand tools
  • Must be a citizen or national in the US


Steps To Apply For Truck Driver Jobs in USA With Paid Visa Sponsorship

Step 1: Open your computer web browser. Next, search online

Step 2: Search for truck driver jobs in USA with Visa sponsorship

Step 3: Scroll through available options provided – read through

Step 4: Perform thorough research on the company to ensure its credibility

Step 5: Move on to the apply icon, you will then be prompted to fill all information

Step 6: Enter all basic information such as name, age, qualifications and more

Step 7: Upload a CV and other documents requested

Step 8: Carefully read and finish up the on-screen instructions to complete your application


Where To Find Truck Driver Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

Finding a job with easy visa sponsorship has become a lot more easier as employers now post job vacancies across various online platforms. This is not to say that searching for and securing a truck driver job is easy. There are various sites you can follow to find truck driving jobs according to your preference.