Software Engineering Work In USA With Visa Sponsorship

As the world is changing. The diversity of human needs continues to rise. People keep showing interest in exploring other places outside their comfort zones. Some do that for the fun of it, while the majority of them travel out for greener pastures.

Such persons leave their country to work in other countries as an employee. One of the interesting, but not surprising facts about people looking for greener pastures is their tendency to move to developed countries. Among such countries are the United States and its peers.

In terms of employment, one of the many promising professions in the US is software engineering. The need for software engineers grows numerous in the country as technology continues to grow and garner more roots.

This has made the number of software engineers in the US limited to the available opportunities. To balance this, many companies in the country are sponsoring software engineers from foreign countries to work there.

This is why, on this page, I’ll provide you with detailed information about Software engineering work in the USA with visa sponsorship. I will also provide you with information about Where to get the jobs and so many more. Kindly read the content below.

Can I work as a software engineer in the USA?

Yes! You can easily work as a software engineer in the USA. They’re many ways you can do that. You can decide to move to the country and work remotely. You can also be hired as a professional by a company.

To be hired by a company as a software engineer, you need to be good and highly skilled in the field. You’ll hunt for a job, accept or request an offer, then you can move to the country to start working.


Is software engineering in demand in the USA?

The United States is one of the most IT advanced countries in the world. One should bother to ask whether software engineering work is in demand in the US or not.

According to statistics, the demand for software engineers is projected to increase by 11% by 2029. If you’re interested in working in the US. This is the right time to find your way to the country.

There’s tons of software engineering work in the USA with visa sponsorship. Find them and apply.

Where can I Apply for Software Engineering Work In the USA With Visa Sponsorship?

Quite alright, they’re numerous software engineering jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship. The problem is how, where and when to apply them.

As a foreigner who’s not living in the US, it will be very challenging to find a job in the country. This is why we’ve taken our time to provide you with numbers of websites where you can find them.

Although there are many ways that you can secure a job in the US. The most common and effective method is through online job sites.


Online sites to look for Software Engineering Work In the USA With Visa Sponsorship

The best way to find a job placement in the USA is through online sites. These sets help to connect individuals, companies, and organizations. Some of the most popular ones include;







• Upwork Inc


Software companies in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

They’re numerous Software companies in the US that you can imagine. These companies hire software experts from overseas to work in their companies.

To reach out to many talents in every corner of the world, adverts are being placed in different publications. If you’re interested in knowing some of the companies in the US that hire the service of software engineers, below they are;

• Google

• Microsoft


• Accenture

• Apple

• Cognizant

• Oracle Software Corporation

• Meta etc.

These are the bigger brands that hire software engineers in the US. They’re a plethora of agencies and companies to apply to.


Types of Software Engineers & Their Salaries.

If you’re looking forward to being sponsored to the USA to work as a software engineer. They’re numerous roles that you can perform. Below are some of the software engineering workers in the USA and their various salaries.

1. Data scientist

Data scientists are highly in demand in the US and other enlightened countries. Their primary responsibility is to develop software that helps to analyze information.

Often, they’re always in charge of data visualization, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning. They also analyze businesses and provide them with the perfect metrics that will help determine the growth pattern of a product and how it can fit the needs of the business.

Data scientists in the US earn as high as $102,139 every year.

2. Security engineer

Security Engineers are often referred to as white or ethical hackers. They’re tasked with the responsibility of creative methods, systems, and procedures that test the security of their organization.

They’re the individuals responsible for looking for security flaws and loopholes, and fixing them before such systems can be released to the end users. Their usual salary per year is $75,560.

3. Software integration engineer

Software integration engineers are among the most revered people in the US. The role of a software integration engineer ranges from using coding languages to programming hardware like electronics, home security alert systems, consumer devices, interfaces, serial data transmissions, and real-time systems.

Software integration engineers receive an enormous amount of money yearly. Their average national salary is $108,392 per annum.

4. Video game designer

Video game designers are software engineers who are experts in designing and implementing gaming systems. They use different innovative skills like storytelling and worldbuilding to build engaging and interactive games.

Their net annual salary is about per annum.

5. 3D Graphics Developer

The primary job of a 3D Graphic developer is to use a wealth of knowledge and skills to develop software for rendering, shading, managing, and lighting scenes. They also work closely with game developers to code graphic assets used in the video industry and gaming.

Their annual net salary amounts to about $99,086.

6. Mobile developer

The jobs of mobile developers are few in the US. They’re highly demanded and require high altitude training to be eligible. They’re tasked with using codes to design mobile-friendly applications. Such apps will be used on smartphones and tablets.

They receive an average annual salary of $93,961.

7. CRM project manager

A CRM project manager or customer relationship management (CRM) project manager uses systems to collect users’ data. They’re tasked with the responsibility of improving sales or consumer satisfaction.

They create metrics that will be used to improve the needs of the program. This is done by frequent updates and optimization of the tools used by customer support and sales representatives.

Their pay per annum is about $85,483.

8. Back-end engineer

The Back-end engineer is one of the most professional experts in the field of software engineering. They use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to create and manage databases, logging systems and integrating data systems.

Their net salary is $95,307 per year.