Can I get a scholarship in Canada without IELTS?

Can I get a scholarship in Canada without IELTS? Yes! They’re numerous scholarships for you to apply and study in Canada without IELTS.

If you’re selected for a Canadian scholarship, you’ll be enrolled to study in the participating universities. Therefore, on this page, we’ll be capitalizing on the various Canadian universities that do not require scholarship students to take IELTS.

Before you finish reading from this page, we’ll list some of those Canadian universities. Moreover, we’ll also discuss the IELTS tentatively, so read on!

In recent times, IELTS has been a huge factor that contributes to the disqualification of many potential immigrants to Canada. Especially for a student who wants to study in the country. Now, this may seem to be pleasant good news for you! You needn’t sit for IELTS all the time that you’ve to apply for a student visa to Canada. 

The trick is, they’re some university scholarships that you can apply for, and you won’t be required to sit for the exam. Generally, IELTS is an important test for potential students who want to study in Canada. However, some Canadian universities do not conduct it, hence you’re not required to take the test as long as you’re applying there. 


What is IELTS? 

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a measure of how proficient an individual is, in the three English communication skills. It is a globally recognized exam that is conducted by universities to access potential students. 

Not only universities, but many employees also use the IELTS to test the English proficiency of employers before employing them. Although they’re many other types of English proficiency tests, IELTS remains the best alternative. 

While many universities continue to use IELTS as the measure of English proficiency for many people, some Canadian universities do not follow these trends. Of course, most Universities require international students to take, however, we’ve got a good number of universities that do not entertain that. 


How to study in Canada without IELTS

Since you’re aware that they’re Canadian universities that don’t require IELTS to study in the country, how do you find your way? As simple as it is, Yes! You should apply for scholarships to Canadian universities that don’t require the exam. 

Another relief is that you’re at liberty to study in Canada without IELTS if you’ve studied a four or more years course in an English medium school. This is possible, whether the university you’re applying for requires IELTS or not. Hence, by default, individuals who are from English-speaking countries, and are wishing to pursue their postgraduate programs in Canada aren’t required to take the test. 


Can I get a Canada study visa without IELTS?

Generally, English language proficiency tests are requested by the university before admission. Meanwhile, you can get a Canadian study visa without taking an IELTS. 

However, it is important to know that Canada does not give a study visa directly. What they offer is a study permit, which comes with a temporary resident visa. If you’ve any questions about your application processes and requirements, it’s better to check the University’s official website. 


Universities in Canada that do not require IELTS 

The following are the universities;

University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is the first university on our list that does not require IELTS before considering international students. 

The university has a list of language programs and exemptions on its official website. You can visit the website and read more about the possible ways to escape IELTS. 


University of Saskatchewan

Alternatively, for international students, you can dodge the IELTS test by applying to the University of Saskatchewan. This university is located directly at the heart of Saskatchewan city. 

Instead of IELTS, the university only considers TOEFL, and the passing mark is about 85%. This means that each individual is expected to score a minimum of 19 in each area. 

Do you wish to study in Canada? And for some reason, do you want to avoid taking the IELTS? Kindly consider the University of Saskatchewan. 


Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador does not require you to take any English language proficiency test at all. Are you an international student who’s not interested in IELTS? You can apply for Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

To demonstrate your English language proficiency, you’ll only be required to submit grades from your last four years of academic experience. Meanwhile, your previous academic programs must be taught in the English language to be eligible. The university also accepts TOEFL with an average pass mark of 90%. 


Brock University

One interesting thing about Brock University is that the IELTS is acceptable there, but it’s not compulsory. The university takes preference in TOEFL with a bench score of 88 iBT points. This implies that one should have a minimum of 21 on speaking and on writing 580 PBT 237 CBT (TSE 4.5) (TWE 4.5).

The Brock Intensive English Language Program is available to help international students increase their English proficiency skills. You’ll be allowed to apply for any undergraduate, or postgraduate courses unless you passed the International Baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent using English as the medium of instruction.


Cambrian College

Studying at Cambrian College is made simple even if you’re an international student. The university does not require IELTS, hence you’re not supposed to subject yourself to the hurdles of applying for one. 

Usually, there’s an English language proficiency test set by the university. Individuals are supposed to pass the test before they’re eligible for admission. Those who do not have the needed scores will be enrolled to study extra English language courses before they begin their academic programs. 


University of Regina

This university does not also mandate an IELTS before considering international students for admission. The university has a special mode of accessing students’ English proficiency skills. For every applicant, the university of Regina requires you to have any of the following; 

  • TOEFL Paper score of 525 or a TOEFL 
  • iBT score of 70
  • A Duolingo score of 95 – 105
  • CAEL score of 50
  • IELTS (Academic) Band score of 6.0. 

Note: These are alternatives to IELTS. Students who are interested in submitting IELTS results are also welcome to do that. 

Other universities include; 

  • Okanagan College
  • Concordia University
  • Seneca College
  • Carleton University
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Guelph
  • Brandon University. 



Not all universities in Canada require individuals to take an IELTS examination. While the majority of them use it, the universities mentioned above do not mandate it.

So advisably, if your question is “can I get a scholarship to study in Canada without IELTS” then Yes! The universities above do not mandate you to take it. You can read through them again and make your choice. Good luck!