10 jobs You Can Do In Canada Without Work Permit

Before you complete reading from this page, you’ll learn about the 10 jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit. In addition to that, we’ll explain the theme of the jobs and provide you with adequate information about them.

To also increase your understanding of the 10 jobs You Can Do In Canada Without Work Permit, we’ll provide FAQS at the end of this content. What is important for you now is taking your time and reading it carefully.

Canada is one of the most sought-after countries in the world. Many potential immigrants target this country because of the strong economic activities there. All things being equal, if you can find your way to Canada, there’s possibility that you’ll secure a job.

Everyone will want to explore this great opportunity. Sourcing for greener pastures isn’t gold digging, you deserve it. However, the big problem is how you can travel to Canada.

Do you’ve to wake up and start your application for a Canada visa? No! They’re pathways you have to pass through. And even so, you’ve to pass through phases and steps before you can pass through these pathways.

To be able to work in Canada, you’ll need to apply for and obtain a Canadian work permit. The Canadian work permit is a legal authorization document that qualifies you to work in the country.

But on this page, we shall be discussing how to travel to Canada without passing through these hurdles. Do you know you can work in Canada without a work permit? Yes, you can! and below are some of the possible jobs.

10 jobs You Can Do In Canada Without Work Permit


1. Clergy People

Are you an Imam? Pastor? Or a member of any religious community? If you’re interested in expanding your teachings to Canada, you won’t need a Canadian work permit.

You have the whole authorization to set up your religious center in Canada and mobilize your followers.

2. Emergency service provider

Another category of an employer who can apply for work in Canada without obtaining a work permit is an emergency service provider.

If you’re a foreign national and you’re interested in working in Canada as an emergency care provider, do not worry about a work permit. You’re at liberty to apply for a Canadian visa and come to work in the country without a work permit.

Although the work of an emergency care provider isn’t specific. You can be hired to work in emergencies like floods, accidents at home or on the road, industrial accidents, natural disasters, and many more.

Your main responsibility is to save and preserve life in Canada during emergencies.

3. Military Personnel

This can only be done if you’ve been given orders under the Visiting Forces Act. What this means is that if you’re a foreign national, you can migrate to work in Canada as military personnel.

While other people are passing through the hurdles of applying for a work permit, you only need your passport and you’re good.

4. News reporter or film and media crew

Among the 10 jobs, you can do In Canada without a work permit is being a News reporter or a Media crew.

If you’re a citizen of another country, and you want to migrate to work in Canada as a News reporter or film and media crew, don’t worry yourself. If you can meet up with the following requirements, then with or without a work permit, you can be employed in Canada.

You’ve to be a member of a news reporting agency, or you’re yourself a news reporter.

You need to be registered with a media or film industry on the condition that you’ll not apply for a job in Canada. You’re to focus on your filming business or any related ventures.

You’ve to be a certified journalist that works for print, radio, television, or web-based content publication. In this case, such an agency must not be owned by a Canadian.

Residents and correspondents are also allowed. More so, if you’re a manager or clerical staff member of an event of fewer than 6 months duration you’re good to go.

5. Performing artists

If you’re a foreign artist and you’re interested in performing in Canada, you’ve no worries about obtaining a work permit.

Being an artist is among the jobs You Can do in Canada without a work permit. However, such people must meet certain conditions. Below are the;

You’ll be performing in Canada for a short term. Your stay is periodical and you’ve to go back to your country as soon as you’re done.

If you’re a subordinate to a foreign artist or you’re a member of the support team, you don’t need a work permit.

You will not engage in any employment during your stay in Canada.

Involvement in programs like creating a broadcast for television, radio, or films is not allowed. You’ve to adhere to these rules strictly and you will be allowed to perform.

6. Public speaking 

Whether you’re offering paid speaking or free, you don’t have to obtain a Canadian work permit before you can visit the country.

However, this exemption is only applicable if you’re staying for a maximum of 5 days. Otherwise, you may have to consider the right pathway.

7. Student Part-time Work

Among the 10 jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit is part-time work as a student. International students who are already in Canada can work without a Canadian work permit.

However, they’ve to apply for and obtain a student work permit. The student work Permit is just like a mini permit that allows you to do part-time work in Canada while studying. It is not regarded as a full permit because it isn’t experimental in the Canadian labor market after studies.

8. Athletes and Team Members

If you’re a foreign athlete and you’re visiting Canada for international competitions or local training, you don’t need to have a Canadian work permit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting as an individual or with your team. Other subordinate or important personnel like coaches, referees, and trainers are also exempted.

9. Convention Organizers

If you’re applying to work in Canada as a convention organizer, you’ve to limit your worries. With or without a work permit, you’re at liberty to work in Canada.

Such conventions may include Association meetings, Corporate meetings, Trade shows or exhibitions, and Consumer shows or exhibitions.

10. Civil Aviation Inspectors

Civil aviation inspectors also fall under the category of 10 jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit.

Workers in this category must be registered with an aeronautics safety authority. He/she must also be willing to present documents to certify that they’re truly working in the industry.



These are just 10 jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit. The lists are numerous. If you’ve had more in mind, you can visit online sites like indeed, simplyhired and more to hunt for your desired job.


Can I get a job in Canada without work experience?

The answer is plain Yes! However, they’re a few factors to be considered. For example, if you studied in Canada, or you’re living in Canada the answer is yes.

However, if you’re a foreigner, it might be a hard nut to crack, especially if you’re applying for skilled work.


Can I live in Canada without a work permit?

They’re instances where you can live in Canada without obtaining a work permit. For example, if you’re a student or you’re sponsored to Canada, but you’re not going to work. In this case, you can live in Canada without obtaining a Canadian work permit.

What is the easiest way to get a job in Canada?

You won’t know, but this works like magic. If you work as a volunteer, chances are that you may be retained.

If you’ve previous experience working in or for Canada, there’s a high possibility of you securing a job if you apply for any.

Do you understand the English language or French? It’s a big lead. The two official languages in Canada are English and French. If you’re fluent in these two, then you’re at a high chance.

Create networking, meet new friends, or explore Canada-related things,

Display your might (interviews) and present good leads in your application

Get a reference. Whether from your previous working place or your place of study.