Can I get a scholarship to study chemistry in Canada?

Can I get a scholarship to study chemistry in Canada? Yes! There’s a scholarship provision for you if your interest is to study chemistry in the country. 

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to study. Anyone interested in having a taste of good education will instantly consider Canada. 

The country is highly developed, and the education standard is notch. Although university education in the country is expensive, especially for people who are from 3 countries.

To offset this barrier, various scholarships are being awarded from Canada to international students to study there. 

They’re hundreds of programs offered in the various institutions in Canada, so do not worry. There’s a scholarship for you, all you’ve to do is hunt for it and make your application. 

Can I get a scholarship to study chemistry in Canada?

To put the question into further explanation, there’s a scholarship for you in virtually all universities. Most scholarships in Canada are specific to certain fields, but chemistry as a course is always inclusive. 

That being said, a general nonspecific scholarship usually has a high chance of being chemistry included. 

If your area is chemistry, and you wish to pursue your education in Canada through a scholarship, the good news is that your chance is very high. 

Universities that offer scholarships to study chemistry in Canada 

To help perfect your dream of studying chemistry in Canada, we’re bringing you a list of the various universities you can apply for scholarships. 

These universities accept applicants of all disciples as long as they’re eligible and merit the award. They include; 


The University of Winnipeg is available for individuals of all courses to apply. Do you wish to pursue your master’s degree in chemistry? And you’re interested in studying in Canada? This might be an easy sail for you. 

The university in collaboration with the province of Manitoba is sponsoring international students to the country. 

The university offers two types of scholarships namely; the University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies Scholarship (UWGSS) and The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders (for International Students). Do you wish to apply? Kindly visit here for more information. 


The York university scholarship is yet another amazing scholarship for international students to apply. 

The offer is available for individuals who want to pursue their master’s degree in Canada. The offer is available for students who are incoming or currently enrolled in the university. 

They’re many scholarships offered by the York university namely; Joyce and Fred Zemans Scholarship, Graduate Fellowship for Academic Distinction (GFAD), Sherrill Cheda Graduate Scholarship, Howard Daugherty International Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation, Armand and Denise LA Barge Graduate Scholarship in Multiculturalism. For more information, kindly visit the website here


You can study chemistry both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Waterloo. 

Do you have an interest in studying in Canada? This is an opportunity for you! The University of Waterloo scholarship is a merit-based award for international students of all nationalities. Hurry up now and begin your application!


For decades, the University of Alberta has always been at the help of international students. The university offers fully funded scholarships to interested students who want to study in Canada. 

The scholarship offers span from arts and humanities to sciences, business, and lots more. Are you interested in a university scholarship? Hurry up to make your application. 

They’re about 4 different scholarships offered by the university. They are; the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship, University of Alberta Master’s Recruitment Scholarships, Country Specific Scholarships, and General Undergraduate Scholarships. 

You can check, and choose the most suitable scholarship of your choice. 


Queen’s University also has a series of scholarships for international students who want to study in Canada. Do you want to study chemistry? There’s a scholarship opportunity for you at Queen’s university! 

Individuals at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are eligible to apply. Kindly source for the most suitable one, and apply. 


The University of Saskatchewan has never disappointed. It is one of the premier universities in Canada. Moreover, the university is highly ranked, and the standard of education is second to none.

Everyone will take it as a double celebration, having been able to gain admission into the university, and studying for free. 

What are you waiting for? Kindly begin your application process today! They’re numerous scholarships under the university scholarships boards. Kindly visit the website and read more. 


The University of British Columbia is one of the finest Canadian universities. The university is highly ranked, and the admission process is transparent. 

A very high percentage of the students studying there are international students. Although they’re mostly self-sponsored, some are on scholarships. 

The university is considerate of its awards, however, it is based on merits. If studying chemistry under a Canadian scholarship is your dream, then you can look out for opportunities at the University of British Columbia. Hurry up now! The application portal is open.


You can not end the list of Canadian universities offering scholarships without mentioning the University of Toronto. 

Every year, the university allocates scholarships to international students across the world to study. 

The offer spans different fields of study. The University scholarships are also available for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Are you interested in applying? Kindly visit the university website for more information. 


Are you looking forward to studying chemistry in Canada? The University of Calgary is offering scholarship opportunities for you.

The scholarship aims to help outstanding international students who are interested in studying in Canada but do not have the financial sufficiency. 

The award is based on merit, and individuals across different nationalities are invited to apply. 

They’re three main scholarships offered by this university. They include; President’s Admission Scholarships, University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarships and Awards, and President’s Admission Scholarships.


They’re three main Scholarships offered by the university of McGill. They are; Pierre Arbour Foundation – Scholarship for Master and Doctoral level study in Computer Science and Engineering, Entrance scholarships for future undergraduates, and Need-based financial aid for future undergraduates. 

Although the first scholarship is specific, the remaining two are open to individuals who are interested in studying chemistry. Good to know. Hurry now and start your application!