Can I get a scholarship in Canada without IELTS for a masters?

Can I get a scholarship in Canada without IELTS for a master’s? Yes! They’re a series of scholarships available for you to study for a master’s degree in Canada. And yes! These scholarships do not require you to write IELTS before you’re offered.

The question of whether you can get a scholarship to a master’s degree in Canada without IELTS is straightforward, however, to make you understand more, we’ll elaborate.

Before you complete reading from this page, you’ll know the various requirements for studying master’s in Canada (for better judgment).

We’ll also list some of the popular scholarships in Canada that you can apply for without IELTS. Kindly read everything!

Why should you apply for a master’s scholarship in Canada?

They’re so many reasons why Canada should be your best choice. Canada is one of the best countries in the world. It has highly-ranked universities that can stand with global competition.

Every student who is ambitious about studying abroad should include Canada in their plan. However, the problem arises due to a lack of finance.

Generally, universities in Canada are expensive. Many international students find it difficult to have the necessary funds to study there. This is why the Canadian government, NGOs, and universities are offering scholarships to interested eligible students.

Are you an international student? They’re different types of scholarships for you to study in Canada. All that is expected of you are fulfilling the requirements, and you’ll be approved for the award.

Scholarships in Canada are of different categories. It can be fully funded or partially funded depending on the specifications of the scholarship terms.

Canadian scholarships are also available for undergraduates and postgraduates (both master’s degree students and Ph.D.).

Although these scholarships may belong to the same streams, their requirements differ. For example, some scholarships do require an Individual to write IELTS, some do not.

This is why it is crucial to know all the requirements for Canadian scholarships.

Meanwhile, since this page is centered on a master’s degree program, we’re going to list the various requirements to apply for a scholarship for a master’s in Canada.

Requirements for masters degree scholarship in Canada

All scholarships have different modes of application. However, there’s a general requirement for every scholarship. They are;

1. Good academic records from your undergraduate degree, (all scholarships have CGPA requirements unless it’s not merit-based). You need to have your updated resume, academic transcripts, and letter of reference (if needed).

2. Field performance, a practical report if possible-This can include leadership qualities, volunteer services, and lots more. Individuals who are applying for arts and crafts, athletics, and others need to be well-equipped with good skills.

3. A student permit, valid and up to date.

4. Proof of admission letter/ scholarship offer by the respective university or scholarship organization.

5. Proof of funds, that’s if your scholarship isn’t fully funded. The percentage that’ll be covered by the scholarship will be stated, you’ve to show you can afford the other percentage.

Masters degree scholarships s in Canada without IELTS

The following are some of the Canadian scholarships that do not require IELTS;

McGill University Scholarship 2023

UniversityThe of Waterloo Scholarships

The University of Calgary Scholarship 2023

Concordia University Scholarship

Alberta University Scholarship

Simon Fraser Scholarships 2023

Vanier Graduate Scholarship

University of Manitoba Scholarships.

Important tips for getting an Msc scholarship in Canada

Scholarship boards are responsible for determining who’s to be awarded. What you should do as an applicant is submit your application.

While there’s no possible way of influencing the award to be in your favor, you can simply use the following free tips to your advantage;

Know the criteria for the award

Once you’re about to apply for a scholarship, the first step you should take is to study it properly. Know the various requirements and the documents needed as well.

Thoroughly review it, take note of what they want, and try to make a perfect application. If possible, seek the help of an expert for a more detailed explanation.

Early application

Procrastination is harmful to your application. Do not wait till the dying minute before you begin your application.

Start the process from the moment the circular is released or the application portal is opened. Late application may lead to errors in your application. You may also have difficulties in submitting due to too much traffic.

Submit all documents

Negligence on your part may slim your chance of being granted a scholarship opportunity. The competition is fierce, so ensure you bring out the best from the application.

Make sure you fill in everything that’s needed for the application. In the space provided as optional, get the documents and submit them.

You should also get all the documents in hand before you begin with the application. Some of the most popular documents required include a statement of purpose, academic transcripts, a resume, and lots more.

Submit your application

After making the entries, ensure your application is submitted. The process is invalid if you didn’t submit, it or if the submission was incomplete.

While you’re about to submit, ensure every piece of information is properly written. Crosscheck over and over again to avoid errors.

More so, beware of multiple submissions. Do not submit more than one application for a single scholarship

Is it easy to gain a master’s degree scholarship in Canada?

Yes! And No! Depending on the angle you’re viewing it from. If you’ve the various requirements for a certain scholarship, there’s a chance that you’ll be offered. However, it becomes very difficult if you do not have all the enlisted requirements.

You should check for the requirements of the scholarship you’re interested in applying for, then make your application.

If you follow all the due processes, have the necessary documents & requirements, with a good application, you’re good.

Are all Canadian master’s scholarships merit-based?

No! Far from being true. They’re many criteria for giving scholarships in Canada. Although merit takes a large percentage of the criteria, it isn’t the only one.

Some scholarships are granted based on needs, field performance or practical records, and other extracurricular activities.


If your question is simply “Can I get a scholarship in Canada without IELTS for a master’s?” Then yes!

We’ve provided you with all the necessary information you need to know about applying for a master’s degree scholarship in Canada without IELTS.

We’ve also provided some of the scholarships you can apply for. Check for your most preferred one, and apply. Good luck!