How many hours can a 17 years work in Canada?

Canada is one of the few countries in the world that have a high-standard economy. There’s a job for everyone, including children who are below or above 17 years. However, their job settings are different from that of adults due to many circumstances. 

On this page, we’re going to discuss working hours for minors in Canada, especially the 17 years. This includes their work hours across each province and the age restrictions. 

17 years are regarded as minors, or as young workers in Canada. They do not have certain regulations, but they’re within that category. 

Generally, minors (including 17 years) are restricted to working for 8 hours daily, and a minimum of 40 hours per week. This is unlike adults who can work for up to 48 hours per week. 

Canadian work restrictions on minors by province

17-year-olds in Canada are only allowed to work for 8 hours per day, and not more than 40 per week. It is also crucial for you to know about their job settings. 

The following are the various age brackets and restrictions on minors’ jobs in Canada. 


The province of Alberta allows teens who are about 12 years and above to work. However, the condition is subjective. 

Children within that age are restricted to certain types of jobs. They’re also allowed only when they have the consent of their parents or guardians. They’re also required to have the approval of the Director of Labor Standard.

Although they’re allowed to work during the school days, it shouldn’t be more than 2 hours. The rest is restricted to weekends and holidays. They can work as clerks in mini-companies, delivery companies, retail shops, and lots more. 

British Columbia

The province of British Columbia allows children to work even before the age of 12. However, all employees will be with the consent of the Director of Labor Standard. He/she is responsible for determining the condition of the work before employment takes place.

At the age of 12 to 14, there is no need for the consent of the Director of Labor Standard. The parents’ consent is ok, as long as the employer adheres to some restrictions, for example, no work during school hours. 

The child within that age bracket is allowed to work during school days, but not more than 2 hours.


Youths who are as young as 16 years can apply for employment in Manitoba. 16 years is the least, hence anyone below the age bracket isn’t qualified to apply for any. 

Even at that, he/she is required to seek the permission of the Director of Labor Standard. The job condition includes not working anywhere that may put their safety at stake. This includes working in companies or construction places that involve using machinery. 

Prince Edward Province

The job and employment policy of Prince Edward Province allows children to work before the age of 16. However, such children must be working in line with the employment acts. 

He/she isn’t allowed to work in any places that may risk their safety or their overall health. The act also includes physical and moral values. 

Children are expected to go to school until they’re about 16 years, hence it’s forbidden to work during school hours. Moreover, they can work during school days, but not more than 3 hours per day. Adolescents may be excused from these laws by the Labour Standards Inspector. 

New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick does not specify the age bracket in which a child can work in Canada. However, there are strong regulations by the Director of Labor Standard. 

Children can work before the age of 12, however, working during school hours is highly prohibited. You’re only allowed to work after school, and it shouldn’t be more than 3 hours.

More so, children within 14 years aren’t allowed to work in construction companies as the work can be overwhelming and tedious. 

Generally, all types of work that can pose harmful effects on their physical and mental health, safety, and morals are not allowed. Unless a permit is issued, minors cannot work in hotels, dance halls, theaters, restaurants, and other similar places. 


If you’re below 14 in Quebec, you’re not allowed to work unless you have written consent from your parents or guardian to present. 

Until children turn 16, they’re not allowed to work in a milling facility, an open pit mine, and a trade profession which are regulated.


There’s a sequence of age restrictions on children working in the province of Ontario. All youths below the age of 14 aren’t allowed to work in industries. 

Those below the age of 15 aren’t allowed to work in factories, and for those below 16, working in construction sites, open-pit mines, and forestry industries is not allowed.

More so, working during school hours is prohibited, but you can work during school days for not more than 2 hours. 

Nova Scotia

The Province of Nova Scotia allows young people who are under 14 to work, but such work must not pose harm to their physical, mental, and moral values. 

Those below 16 aren’t allowed to work in any industrial establishments, construction sites, etc. 

Can a 17-year-old work overnight in Canada?

Yes! People who are 17 years old are allowed to work in Canada during the night. However such persons must be working with an adult during that period.

What is the longest shift you can work at 17?

As a 17-year-old, the long shift you can take is dependent on the nature of your work. However, you’re not allowed to work for more than 8 hours a day, and 40 hours per week. 

Your employer does not have any right to overwork you, you can object. However, when there’s no one above 18, you can take the work and do it. 

How long can a 17-year-old work without a break in Canada?

Your break period also depends on the nature of your work. You’re at liberty to enjoy a 30-minute break daily if you work for more than 4 hours and 30 mins. 

There’s also a 12-hour interval for every work and two days off per week.

Take away

Hope justice have been done to your question on “How many hours can 17 years work in Canada”. Generally 17 years are regarded as minors in Canada, and their work hours is different from that of adults. If you’re 17, and you wish to know about the working hours, that’s it above. Good luck!