Best universities scholarships in Canada 2023 

If your dream is to study abroad under a scholarship program, Canada has one of the best universities in the world and these universities offer various scholarships. 

Are you an international student? Or a Canadian? There’s a scholarship opportunity for you. On this page, we’re going to focus on the best university scholarships in Canada for both local and international students. 

Best universities scholarships in Canada 2023 

Although they’re different types of scholarships offered by various organizations, Canadian universities also offer scholarships for interested eligible students. The following are some of the popular universities you can seek for scholarships; 

Queen’s University

Queen’s University is located in Kinston, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the best universities in the country where you can live and study as an international student. 

The university offers both fully funded and partially funded scholarships for international students to apply for and enjoy. 

Are you looking for a Canadian University offering scholarship opportunities? Go to Queen’s university. The process is based on merits, hence individuals are at free will to try their luck. If you’re interested in its application, you can visit the official website of the university here

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary not only made it to the list of Canadian universities offering scholarships to international students, but it’s also a scholarship hub itself. 

Every corner of the university is made up of international students, in which a very significant amount of them are on scholarships. It might interest you to know that the University of Calgary’s scholarships come in different streams.

There are scholarship opportunities for students who want to pursue undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs. Thinking of the type? It can be fully funded, or partially funded depending on your program. 

To learn more about the University of Calgary Scholarships, kindly visit the official website here

University of Western Ontario

If your mission is to look for the best scholarship universities in Canada, then your findings end at the university of western Ontario. 

Not only does the university offer scholarship opportunities, but the offers also span across different fields of studies and levels. Individuals who want to pursue their undergraduate program, master’s, or Ph.D. are allowed to apply for the university’s scholarships. 

Are you interested in its application? Kindly visit the university’s official website. All informationon you need regarding the scholarship’s requirements, and the time of application are available there.

Université de Montréal

If you’re discussing the best university scholarships in Canada, then it’s unfair to forget the Université de Montréal. It is a French-based university located in Canada. 

Every year, this university offers a series of scholarships to international students across different continents to study in Canada. Although the majority of the awards are partially funded, there are also fully funded scholarship opportunities for you to apply. 

Offers are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. What are you waiting for? Kindly begin your application process as early as possible. For more information, visit the university website here

University of Waterloo

By applying for the University of Waterloo scholarship program, you’re already a step towards having a studentship status in Canada. 

The University of Waterloo is a research-based university in Canada, and one of the best of its kind in the world. It might interest you to know that the university also offers different streams of scholarships to international students. 

Individuals who want to pursue their undergraduate program, and postgraduate (master’s and Ph.D.) are eligible for it. If you’re interested in its application, you can visit the official website of the university here.

York University

The York university also offers a series of scholarships to both local and international students to study in Canada. The scholarships are numerous and divided across individual’s programs and fields of studies. 

If you’re lucky to be selected for the York University scholarship, you’ll enjoy a fully funded award that will cover your tuition fee, accommodation, airfares services, and even maintenance. 

On the contrary, some scholarships granted by this university can only fend for your tuition fee, some could be half, etc. This means that the scholarships can be fully funded and partially funded. 

Kindly go through the various scholarships to determine the most suitable one for yourself. For more information visit the website here

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta scholarships are for individuals who want to pursue their undergraduate degree, masters and Ph.D. It is one of the best reuse  research-based universities in the world. 

Many international students are aspiring to study there due to their strong academic prowess. Imagine having the privilege of studying at the university for free. That’s impressive to say! 

Of course, you can do it. All you’ve to do is thoroughly go through the University’s scholarship programs and apply to the most suitable one. They’re a series of them available for you. For more information, click here

Simon Fraser University 

Simon Fraser University is a public university located in Burnaby, Canada. It is one of the Canadian finest in terms of academics. 

The university is also offering scholarship opportunities to international students across the world who are interested in studying in Canada. 

Do you wish to study undergraduate or postgraduate courses in Canada? Do you want it through a scholarship award? There’s no better university scholarship to apply for. Kindly choose Simon Fraser University. 

They’re different types of scholarships offered by the university. Some are fully funded, partly funded and some come like bursaries. For more information about the University’s scholarship programs, visit the official website here. 

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is also offering both partly-funded and fully-funded scholarship opportunities to international students. 

Do you want to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate programs in Canada? And you want a scholarship? you’re covered. 

The University of British Columbia scholarship is open to individuals of all nationalities to apply as long as they’ve satisfied the scholarship requirements. 

Do you want to apply for the scholarship? Kindly follow here to read more about it. All information regarding its requirements, time of application, mode of application, and when to begin the processes are listed there. 

University of Ottawa

Little wonder why the university of Ottawa offers scholarships to international students yearly. The Schulich Leader Scholarship is the pillar behind it. 

The Schulich Leader award is the biggest fundraiser in the university’s scholarship scheme. It offers awards to both Canadian and international students across the continents. Do you wish to apply? Visit the website to read more about its eligibility and requirements. 


If you’re interested in studying in Canada through scholarship programs, they’re available for you. The Above above mentioned are the best universities scholarships in Canada for international students. 

You can select from them and make your application. They’re also a plethora of them on different blogs online. You can search and apply for as many as you want.

Just ensure you go through their various requirements, make an error-free application then submit it.  good luck!