12 USA Tuition And Accommodation Free Scholarship for International Students

USA Tuition & Accommodation Free Scholarship for International Students

Are you interested in studying in the USA today? There’s good news for you! They’re numerous scholarships out there in the US for both international and domestic students.

Up to thousands of scholarships are available for students yearly in the US. Some of them are granted to domestic students while the majority are offered to international students.

If you’re looking forward to studying in the US today. And you’re looking for USA Tuition & Accommodation Free Scholarship for International Students. Do not worry. I’ll be providing you with detailed information about the various scholarships in the USA with tuition and free accommodation.

These scholarships are fully funded. In the sense that apart from providing one with free tuition fees and accommodation. They also go to the lengths of sponsoring their beneficiaries from their countries.

Scholarships like AAUW International Fellowship Program, Fulbright Scholarships USA, Yale University scholarship, etc provide beneficiaries with enough capital.

Such scholarships will grant you free tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, maintenance fee, flight airfare, and everything needed as a student.

So you see, studying in the US under a scholarship is relieving and a wonderful experience as well. Below are some of the most prominent USA Tuition & Accommodation Free Scholarships for International Students. The list is just drafted from so many scholarships in the country. Read through them and apply for the most suitable one.


12 USA Tuition & Accommodation Free Scholarship for International Students

1. Fulbright Scholarships

There’s no better scholarship to apply for if you’re looking for USA Tuition & accommodation free scholarship for international students. The Fulbright Scholarship is there to serve the purpose.

The scholarship is available to international students who want to offer their graduate education in the US. Offers are available to all nationals from participating countries.

Do you want to study for a master’s or Ph.D. in the US? Kindly begin your application for Fulbright Scholarships today. You’ll be enrolled to study in any of your preferred participating universities in the US.

Not only will Fulbright Scholarships provide you with tuition and free accommodation. The scholarship will also sponsor your airfare costs from and to your country after your studies. Medical insurance, a monthly stipend for maintenance, and many benefits will also be provided for you.

For more information about Fulbright Scholarships, please visit here.

2. Yale University Scholarships, USA

One of the most interesting things about Yale University is its inclusion of students at all levels. Do you want to pursue your bachelor’s degree? Masters or Ph.D.? They’re all available at Yale University.

The University offers a series of these scholarships to international students who want to study in the country. Such students must show good academic performance by having very good grades.

The amount of payment for each beneficiary depends on the courses and program you’re offering. An average scholarship at Yale University is over $50,000. Some earn as low as a few hundred dollars while some can earn up to $70,000 annually.

Hurry up now to apply for Yale university scholarship programs. For more information, click here.

3. AAUW International Fellowship Program

The American Association of University Women is another scholarship opportunity for you to apply and study in the US.

Although it is mainly available for women. AAUW International Fellowship Program is one of the largest scholarship organizations in the world. It has sponsors across the countries and the beneficiaries are many.

Are you an international student? And you’re looking forward to studying in the USA? Do not hesitate to apply for AAUW. The application opens on August 1 every year and closes on November 15 every year. The amount of payment awarded to beneficiaries ranges from $20,000–$50,000.

Hurry up and start your application. For more information, kindly visit the official website here.

4. Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford University is also offering Tuition & Accommodation Free scholarships for International Students in the USA. Are you interested in its application? The scholarship is fully funded also.

With the Stanford University Scholarship, you can enjoy free tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, monthly stipends for maintenance, book allowances, and even more. Visit here for more information.

5. University of Minnesota Fellowship

Are you interested in studying for your master’s? You can proceed to apply for the University of Minnesota Fellowship. This scholarship will allow you to stay and study in the US for free.

If you’re selected for the award, you’ll be at liberty to enjoy free tuition fees, accommodation, maintenance fees, health insurance, maintenance fee and so many more. Interesting right? Click here for more information on how to begin your application.

6. The HAAA Scholarship

Another USA Tuition & Accommodation Free Scholarship for International Students is the HAAA scholarship.

The HAAA scholarship program was established in 2010 by Harvard Arab Alumni Association. The scholarship is established to help intelligent minds from Arabian countries.

If you’re interested kindly visit the scholarship website for more information. Applications date, how to apply, and when and where to apply are available. Click here.

7. ACI Foundation Scholarship

Thinking of a fully funded scholarship in the USA? Apply for ACI Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is available for students at all levels of education.

Although there is no fixed amount of money allocated to beneficiaries. However, if you’re fortunate to be offered this scholarship, you’ll be awarded $10,000 – $15,000.

The offer is renewable throughout your studies. For more information about ACI Foundation Scholarship, click here.

8. Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

Illinois Wesleyan University is also offering scholarships to undergraduate international students.

Are you ready to move to the USA to study? Do not worry. You can apply for the Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarship Program. It is fully funded and operates based on merits. Visit the university’s official website here for more information.

9. University of Michigan Scholarships

You can study for a Bachelor’s degree, master’s, and Ph.D. in the USA for free at the University of Michigan.

The scholarship will award individuals free tuition fees, accommodation, maintenance fees, and health insurance. If you’re interested in its application, kindly visit the university’s website for more information. Click here.

10. Bill Gates Scholarships

The Bill Gates Scholarships for global studies is another prominent USA Tuition & Accommodation Free Scholarship for International Students.

The scholarship is highly competitive and individuals with the highest academic achievements will be awarded. If you’re interested in knowing more about the scholarship, kindly click here.

11. University of Arizona Scholarships in the USA

The University of Arizona is providing you with goldmine opportunities to study in the US. This university offers free tuition, accommodation, maintenance fee, free health insurance, and flight airfare to international students.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to apply. Hurry up now to begin your application. Click here to visit the scholarship website.

12. Boston University Presidential Scholarship

Have you heard of the Boston University Presidential Scholarship? The University of Boston is enrolling international students across the world to study in their respective courses.

The scholarship is open to students who want to pursue their undergraduate program in the US. If you’re lucky to be offered. You can earn up to $25000 yearly.

Do you want to apply for the US Boston University Presidential Scholarship? Kindly click here to visit the scholarship website.

Hurry up now!